An integrated web based quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) management system.

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IMS STRATUS is an integrated web based quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) management system.

The system makes compliance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 simple and is sufficiently flexible to tailor the system to your needs.


Document Control

Secure access to upload and view controlled documents, plans, policies, emergency response procedures, company objectives and targets, management review reports, audit reports, organization charts and legal requirements.

Risk Template

Automatic risk matrix to help to help identify, record and track key aspects and impacts.

Compliance Checklists

Web based compliance checklists that can be tailored to various projects, different locations or parts of the organization.

NCR Forms

Web based Non Conformance, Improvement Opportunity and Incident forms that can be automatically emailed to nominated personnel.

Monitoring Data

Web based monitoring forms to record monitoring data with automatic notification feature if an acceptable threshold is exceeded.

Performance Review

Automatic generation of graphs showing performance trends of monitoring data, compliance, Non Conformances, Improvement Opportunities and incidents.

Incident Registry

Registers for incidents, Non Conformances, Improvement Opportunities, legal requirements and plant and equipment.

Calendar and Reminders

Calendar with reminder feature to record important company dates, audit schedules, calibration reminders and management reviews.

Training Needs and Attendance Matrix

Track Courses and employee training attendance.

Form and Register Builder

Custom build forms and registers that meet your specific needs.

Legal Register

Record all your legal requirements in an easily accessible table format with the ability to create a link to your legal requirements / documents and be reminded of any renewal dates for licences and agreements.


All employees can fill out their timesheets on line for each activity. Total hours are used to measure the organisation’s performance as a ratio of hours worked.

Stakeholder Manager

Be able to record enquiries and meetings with stakeholders and map the location where issues mostly occur.

Equipment Register

Track maintenance records for equipment and machinery and receive reminder notices when machinery and equipment is due for a service.

Safety Data Sheets Register

Record all your Safety Data Sheets in an easily accessible table format with the ability to create a link to the safety data sheet and be reminded when data sheets expire.

QR Codes

Create QR codes which can be used to automatically link forms and registers to help track your plant, equipment and products.

Project Management

Track project costs, time and materials against project estimates and graph trends.

Import and Export Function

Be able to import monitoring data, timesheets and company contact lists. Easily export data as CSV files, documents and timesheets.

Offline Storage

Be able to record and store information on your tablet or mobile phone even when you are not connected to the internet. Once you connect to the internet the information is automatically sent to IMS Stratus.


Premium and Enterprise subscribers have access to a library of documents and templates that may be useful.

Multiple Sites

Enterprise subscribers can maintain separate management systems for multiple sites and be able to compare the performance of separate sites.


IMS STRATUS is available in 4 packages. We can also tailor-made packages suitable for your company.
Please give us a call +61 2 8071 4591, or drop us a note.

$550 / month
$220 / month
$99 / month
$0 / month
Number of Users Between 101 and 500* Between 30 and 100 users Between 3 and 29 users Between 1 and 2 users
Access to all modules Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of checklists, monitoring locations, online forms and registers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 5
Free technical support Yes Yes Yes
Set up multiple work sites Yes

* IMS Stratus can provide a quote to organisations with more than 500 users.
Note: IMS Stratus can custom build a system that suits your needs.

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We welcome your feedback on any issues, suggested improvements or new ideas for IMS STRATUS. We will respond to your feedback as soon as practical.

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